Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mayor Where art thou? Update on Ritz. Bortz Blitz. Grimes Bar shooting.

2 women and 3 young men shot to death in Colerain Township.  Mayor where art thou?

Early on, CAJD wasn't in favor of Ritz nightclub closing (club where fatal shooting of Dexter Burroughs occured in May). However, after  giving it much thought--what kind of message would be sent to the young people in our communtiy if someone can get murdered on the dance floor at a club, and the club reopens, business as usual, the following week. It's clear the  Ritz's owner made the right decision, in shutting down the night club for a few months.

Is Chris Bortz God?  The Enquirer thinks so.  Tried to sway public opinion. What's new? Read Sunday's editorial 6-6. For God's sake read it online for free!

Grimes bar shooter gets 62 years to life (he shot nine people, a few of them died), and he does not get Deters death penalty. Oh, forgot. He shot black people.