Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Weekend Blog Readers (UPDATE)

(update: The show, mentioned below,  was live. Great news though--the  show will air two more times, then it will be available online.)

Tune in TODAY, Thursday 6/17 (at) 8pm.

Sister V. of the SistaHood show will host a round table of women, including myself and Sis Iris. Topics to be discussed: Black women on the forefront of activism-change-struggle in Cincinnati. We will discuss local and national politics. What our black is beautiful means to us. What we can do to stop our black communities from becoming extinct. What books we are reading, etc.

The show is live (airs on Media Bridges channel 4). We plan to bring it!

What would any conversation on local politics be with discussing the Hamilton County Prosecutor?
Rise Up!