Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michelle Obama 1st Lady Doll?

In honor of President Elect Obama’s upcoming inauguration. I’m going to post a piece that I wrote over 1 year ago. Happy Reading. We're leaving Sunday for Washington. Consider this a free week for Joe Deters.
Earlier this week Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for President in an op-ed piece titled A President like My Father. After reading her endorsement. I couldn't help but wonder if Caroline Kennedy who believes that Barack Obama could a President like her father, also believes that Michelle Obama could be a 1st lady like her mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Beyond obvious superficial comparisons --their beauty, lovely wardrobe, and perfectly flipped hair- I wondered if she'd compare Michelle's compassionate spirit, to be similar to Jackie O's. I wondered. After wondering what Caroline Kennedy thought, my thoughts traveled back to my childhood in which I played with white Barbie dolls with long flowing blond hair. As a child I didn't care about the race of the dolls I played with. But as an adult, I recognize that children respect and need role models that look like them. So, yes, I'll admit visions of sugar plums danced in my head. Next X-mas I'd love to buy my pre-schooled aged niece, who loves to play with white Barbie dolls with long flowing blond hair, a Michelle Obama 1st lady doll. Seriously. Michelle Obama looks like change- sugar, poised spice, and everything nice. Throughout my life I've had the pleasure of having many role models. Both Black, White, Hispanic. True role models come in all races. Michelle Obama is a role model. She is the founder and former executive director of Public Allies - Chicago, a leadership training program that received AmeriCorps National Service funding and helped young adults develop skills for future careers in the publicc sector. Still, I'd love to buy a Michelle "0" doll and throw a tea party with my niece. We'd talk about school, politics, and silly girl stuff too.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Wouldn't it be funny to have bi-racial dolls too.

FBK said...

Hey that works too.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear how the educated, fine, upstanding treasurer of the Loveland School District (like the granny bank robber) is only getting probation for stealing over $40K from the district and has to pay the money back? The long line of white, upper class citizens permitted to steal us blind through embezzlement and getting off nearly scott free is very similar to the sentencing differences between possession of crack and possession of cocaine. When the it is the norm for the black offender - it gets a higher penalty, when it is the norm for an offender who is white - it gets a lower penalty.
This is the new, emerging issue of "disparity in sentencing" that which applies to thefts over drugs.

FBK said...

I hadn't heard about the Loveland case. But it reminds me of the Helen Hirsch case. She was an elderely white woman frustrated with St. X fans for parking in her condo spot. So she scratched up 17 cars to the tune of 40,000 (same amt. as Loveland person), was allowed to go into a diversion program, pay back the money and go on with her merry life.

Joe Deters was quoted in the paper as saying--Usually this isn't the kind of case he takes an interest in, but the lady lived in the condo where his mother also lives and had scratched up a couple of his family members cars (you can google this). It makes me sad, the disparity in sentencing...breaks my heart, but makes me fight harder.

On another note I'm going to post a chapter from my book that is strictly about Joe Deters and the disparities in CJ system.