Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wendall Young has got a pair. Tim Burke...uh, not so much

(It's been a long day and I don't have the energy or desire to proof this post--good night and good riddance. Better post next time blog readers)

Wendall Young has got a pair. Tim Burke...uh, not so much

This is going to be a really lazy and shitty post. CAJD is tired to the bones.

CAJD is very glad that Wendall Young is the latest council member. CAJD attended a candidates forum at Xavier. All of the wanna be candidates and current council member candidates were in attendance (don't think anyone was absence).

Two candiates at that forum stood out and gave a strong indication that they wouldn't play fiddle with the status quo. The candidates were Wendall Young and Kevin Flynn. Some other candidates were good, but Young and Flynn stood out.

The wanna bes and current council members were asked if they supported the Tea Klux Klan (what Lincoln Ware calls the Tea partiers). Most of the wanna bes and current council members gave fluffy-insincere answers. But Wendall made it quite clear that he did not support that group or it's antics (not that all tea partiers are tea klux klans). He said something like "I' m a strong black man....." It was damn awesome.

Kinda feeled bummed that Bernadette Watson didn't make it in. Some might see her as a candidate that rolls with the stautus quo. But the little that I know about her, she's seem like she would have been a solid choice.

Tim Burke has committed a crime against humanity and black people in Cincinnati. Most blacks that I know can't stand his ass. And for good reason. Why did he cut a deal not to run anyone against the black people's persecutor? Deters.

It's a pity that he beat the Tolliver guy and held on to his seat. The Dems need new blood.