Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Bailiff vs. White Landlord (Deters style of injustice)

How is it that former Bailiff Damon Ridley is facing eight years in prison for performing his job duties? Is it not the responsibility of the bailiff to assist the judge with his case schedule? Perhaps it’s even an unwritten job description that a bailiff provides a listening ear, maybe even gives opinions on cases that come before the judge. It’s easy to assume that a judge and bailiff will develop a close relationship after spending long working hours together. According to published reports, Bailiff Ridley and Judge West had a very close father-son relationship. If Ridley took money from a person convicted in West’s’ courtroom to push-back or sweeten their sentencing deal, shouldn’t the money be considered a job perk and not a bribe. Don’t crooks like the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County make back door deals and leave out the front door each and every day? Don’t they get perks. Sure they do?

It’s unbelievable that a black man, a black bailiff, could be facing up to eight years in prison in Hamilton County for doing his job, and a white landlord can stab a black woman (former tenant) in cold-blood, plead to manslaughter, a get a light sentence of four years.


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