Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is anybody going down to Anthony Kirkland’s lynching for killing Esme Kenny?

Kirkland  took the little joggers watch, he ate her Doritos, he raped her, and he tried to burn her. But before he caught the little jogger in the park, he murdered 3 other women, but who cares about them? Deters? The news media? C’mon folks Esme is the murdered dead star! A title that the other dead women, surely do not covet. Thou shalt not convet their neighbor’s title.

If one reads about Kirkland in published reports it’s obvious that the man(or animal as Deters calls him) had untreated mental illness that was never properly treated when he was released from prison. Therefore instead of Kirkland hanging from Deters’ rope, he should spend the rest of his life in a mental institution.

Kirkland should not become the poster boy for what will happen to big and black and scary men, who hurt white people. He should not become another notch under Deters’ belt. That’s what prostitutes are for.

Indeed my heart aches for what Kirkland did to little Esme and little Casonya, and Mary Jo, and Kimya. I find peace in my heart knowing that they are in a better place. I’m thankful that Kirkland will more likely than not, ever be allowed to harm another person.

So Deters wants to lynch Kirkland, wonder what he has in store for the man that chopped up and portioned out pieces of his wife as their kids were present in the house. I’m sorry I can’t remember the victim’s name, but I believe she was related to Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune.

R.I.P Esme, Casonya, Mary Jo, and Kimya

Death Penalty Deters Must Go!