Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anthony Kirkland--The Hate that Hate produced?

Dear Black man or Anthony Kirkland:

In grade school you are over-identified as special needs. By the time you’re in the 4th grade they look at the size of your class to determine how much prison space they’ll need in the future. They give you a slap on the wrist when you harm your own community. They crucify you when you harm someone that looks like them. You have been diagnosed with mental illness, yet they find you competent to stand trial. The one that persecutes you has never been brought to justice for his indiscretions. They say you are the hate, that hate produced. Praying for the families of the people you hurt, praying for you.

Hamilton County has condemned more men to death than any other county. 88 counties. Mostly poor. Mostly black. Is he human? Three words. One word answers only. Yes or No? They gave him a tie to make him look human-sane. But they despise him. Prosecutor Piepmeir called him a piece of shit, Deters called him an animal. So help me understand, is he human? Not pushing sympathy…trying to understand….troubled, deeply…. (Anthony Kirkland)

Yes Anthony Kirkland committed heinous-despicable acts.