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Zimmerman, Guilty? Why I feel sorry for his mom

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***This blog post was written before George Zimmerman got away with double murder. He killed Trayvon Martin and then he was acquitted. Double murder ***  America unscrambled - I Am Race   (Racist)

Zimmerman, Guilty?  Why I feel sorry for his mom
As an African American mom with two sons; I have always felt sorry for Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t worry about my son’s safety.  My youngest son is in the military and he is a college student. I’m happy that he is making good choices, never been in trouble, and is a bit of a goodie two shoes. Still, I worry about his safety.  Will he be profiled and killed by someone who does not look like him.  By someone who does look like him? I worry and pray, although I admit,  I worry far more than I pray.
The reason why I feel sorry for George Zimmerman’s mom is because I relate to her due to the actions of my oldest son who is incarcerated. My son didn’t take an innocent teen’s life like Zimmerman,  but he is serving a lengthy prison sentence for his crime. Read his story here
Now brings me to the point of why I feel sorry for Mrs. Zimmerman.  As a mom it hurts when you've done your best to raise your child and they make the worst decision of their life. Let’s be real - Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and it was not  done in self-defense. Mrs. Zimmerman is  going to be in a lot of pain for a long period of time, as she does that manslaughter prison sentence with her son. When they do the crime, we do the time with them.  
Stay strong Mrs. Zimmerman and remember you are not the crime your son committed.
This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin.

Search this blog for post about Dierres Lee and Justin Brown and you will discover that the Lee – Brown case may be the next case that rocks the nation.  We will post on that case after the Zimmerman trial concludes.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking for your blog post seeking justice for Mr. Mahanney. Apparently 6 bored black teens murdering a white guy means nothing to you.

CAJD said...

Will Joe Deters (Drake Motel-Gate) charge the La Salle students who were grown men?