Monday, March 8, 2010

Esme could melt butter - Deters will use a ROPE on that black man

Kirkland hasn’t got a chance in hell.

And he doesn’t deserve one.

I don’t support the death penalty for a black man who is mentally ill. A day in a mental institution is like death to mentally ill patients, according to some mentally ill folks that I know. So life in a mental institution could be like hell on earth for Kirkland. Fantastic!

Esme’s mother, Lisa, was on the stand today. I streamed her testimony. It didn’t show her face. I could hear her sobs. May she be comforted. Mere words, I know. There is no comfort for a mother that has to bury her child. Lisa Kenny stated that Esme, before she left, told her mom that if her little friends (or cousins) called, tell them she would be right back because she had plans to read to them via the internet. And who the fuck wouldn’t cry after hearing something like that?

Deters rested after he showed a picture of little Esme. So cute. On that picture she looks like she could melt butter with her eyes. When she first went missing, they showed another picture that made her look a bit older, more mature. So, I understand wanting to show that picture. You gotta show a picture that melts butter if you want to fry a black, right? No need to fry em'. Deters got a rope.

The courtroom was packed. They say Esme’s family rolled in 24 deep. Glad she appears to have a wonderful loving family.

More later.

I saw the jurors white hands, one by one, leave the courtroom.  Deters made sure the hands were white, right?

R.I.P Esme, Casonya, Mary Jo, and Kimya