Monday, July 8, 2013

Kudos to Rev. Al Sharpton - He's moving to Chicago

Kudos to Rev. Al Sharpton
As if Rev. Al Sharpton does not have  enough on his plate with his radio and TV shows, as head of the National Action Network, and as preacher, he adds another job title to his long employment list, as the black leader who will go investigate what the hell is going on in Chicago. What the hell is going on in Chicago? Over the extended 4th of July holiday weekend, 12 people were murdered and 74 were shot. Where are the parents, the churches, the tax payers (tax payers -who if not concerned about dead black men and children, should at least care about the cost associated with so much mayhem and senseless loss of life. One million dollars a murder from tax payers wallets?)  Where are the black leaders?  Is it true that each shooting cost one million dollars?  Where is everybody?  Where is God?

Where are the black leaders?


Check out this new E book about failed black leadership in Cincinnati.  Deters gets an honorable mention.