Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shahrazad Ali Speaks Truth to Power on Dr. Drew

She talks in plain language, wears a royal hat and identifies herself as a Black Queen.  Many people love her because she talks about the real conditions of racism in America.  Is she on point, or way off base?  You tell us.  We know that you either love or hate her.
It's interesting that the comments on this blog attacking Ms. Ali don't mention Frank Taafe, the disgrace to the human race. Does Frank Taafe embarass white people?

Read more about Ms. Ali here  or here

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Katie K. said...

Even from a white woman's perspective, there is plenty of racism still alive in America. And plenty more of which I'm naive to.

Now, let's get to this Laffy Taaffe character. I'm surprised to see that no one was mentioning that obvious canker-sore of society. I think Ms. Ali is bitter towards white people and assumes we're all racist or something. I hope she can find peace and move on. But with neanderthals like Taaffe churning out his racist bile, he only verifies Ms. Ali's feelings.
That terrible Taaffe must have some sort of personality disorder. He also seems to fit the bill of a domestic abuser. HE COMPLETELY embarrasses white people. The white people, myself included, in my social circle DO NOT think or act that way. It's abnormal and disturbing.