Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday! Glorious Day for a black man's lynching!

(compare the two stories on end of this blog post--somone can always explain away one person's mental illness, why is that? Just ponder the articles)

Happy Monday! There were some great moments during the Academy Awards last night. As a writer, I was most inspired by Geoffrey Fletcher winning best adapted screenplay for the book PUSH. It was great to escape the real world and live vicariously through the stars. Back to the real word in Cincy. There’s a black man’s lynching going on at the Hamilton County courthouse. Sure, put the killer away. May his victims r.i.p. May their families be comforted. May the prosecutor, or persecutor, do the right thing. This case is too important to be reduced to a notch under his belt. There are lessons to be learned.

It’s a beautiful day folks. Get out and walk. Do something purposeful!

Read Kimball Perry's article on today
proves the case-mentally ill
but who cares we aren't Christians-Death to all poor, black, and mentally ill