Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Republican's Penis

A Rethuglican's dick.

Many people seem to think that the tea party movement will be the end of the rethuglican party, I beg to differ. The Rethuglican's dick will lead to the demise of the Republican party. Those dicks (Rethuglican's-not to be confused with Republicans) have always got their dicks where they don't belong. Consider Persecutor Joe Deters for example - he's got that history up in Cleveland where he dicked-down that prostitute according to my sources. For now he's gotten away with his dick-down, but as my pastor says, "be sure your sins will find you out."

Now comes the latest dick news, and it's on the black man's watch. Is Michael Steele black? For sure he appears to be a dick. According to published reports the RNC paid nearly $2,000 for a California GOP contributor to be entertained at Voyeur West Hollywood, a lesbian-bondage sex club.

...hypocrites that talk family values until they in the back seat of a car with a hooker.