Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will George Zimmerman be acquitted?

I stand corrected.  America unscrambled.   I  Am  Race *Racist*  George Zimmerman gets away with murder.

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Let me go on record and state that I absolutely do not believe that George Zimmerman will be acquitted, despite speculation that the prosecution is purposefully bungling the case.
George Zimmerman put a bullet in the chamber of his gun prior to leaving his house claiming to be on his way to Target, but in loading the gun, it seems he was on his way to find a target to shoot. Today a pathologist, Vincent DI MAIO, testified that Zimmerman had seven identifiable wounds on him after the shooting. I suspect if Zimmerman had stalked a 12 year old girl and she was fighting for her life, she too would have left marks on her stalker before being murdered. Trayvon fought for his life and Zimmerman fought for his life, which is what you have to do when you approach someone in the middle of the night because they look suspicious and always get away.  It’s painful to think that none of this had to happen  if Zimmerman would have listened to the operator who told him that they, the police, didn't need for him follow Trayvon. It’s amazing the confidence that one bullet in the chamber will give a person.
There is a White House petition circulating calling on President Obama to give a speech to calm people down if Zimmerman is acquitted. City Leaders are having meetings with religious and community leaders asking them to stop or help curtail any uprising (some refer to it as rioting) that might occur if Zimmerman walks.
One Sanford pastor Valerie Houston allegedly stated that she would tell her congregation that justice has been served if Zimmerman is found not guilty.  She sounds as ridiculous as Zimmerman claiming that it was God’s will that he kill Trayvon Martin.  People need to stop blaming this mess on God. What kind of religious leader is Valerie Houston to speak for God?
If the We the People White House petition does get the 100,000 signatures needed for the Obama administration to make a speech to calm the community.  Here’s how I think President Obama should begin his speech