Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ken Blackwell. Most hated black man in Ohio

The hate that hate produced. I try to leave people of color alone. Really I do. People of color have got enough problems without people of color bloggers taking issue with them. But then is Ken Blackwell really black? Some two decades ago I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about Ken Blackwell. I don’t remember what he’d done at the time --I just remember that I wrote this line, “Ken Blackwell has been stripped of his dignity.” Imagine writing that more than two decades ago. I cut the article out and put it in my things-to-keep folder. Every once in a while when I’d go into that folder, I’d come across that article. But lately I can’t find the letter to the paper, or that particular things- to- keep folder. I guess it’s for the best. Seriously, I don’t want to relive why Ken Blackwell sold black people out back then. Especially since there are so many reasons in the present day in which he’s sold black people out. First I don’t care if Blackwell wants to be a black, republican fool, laughing stock and punching bag. That’s on him But I will not let him do it at the expense of black people. Stolen election, token black man-every-single year in a row. Wannabe Governor. Doesn’t Blackwell get it? White folks keep trying to show him the door back to his blackness. Still he beats up on Obama and Biden and made an ass out of himself when he called Americans supersensitive for being offended by the CD that refers to Barack Obama as, “Barack the Magic Negro.’ Ken Blackwell is a fool. I don’t know why I wrote it back then that Blackwell had been stripped of his dignity, because now I truly believe that dignity is something Blackwell never had. (Poltically Incorrect Post--thinking out loud)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry FBK, he's on a downward spiral in his political career. The GOP never really were considering him for RNC chair, he was their token ______ in a scam to give an appearance of being a "big tent" organization. They like the sound of it, 'cause they need to have a "big tent" to win elections, but they just can't handle a black man running politics unless they have him chanined to something. As for Blackwell - he's an Uncle Tom, just like Mark Mallory and brothers (I can't stand any of them)

FBK said...

Go ahead and say it. Ken Blackwell is a token Negro. Happy Friday! There I said it.