Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thumbs up! Judge "Nasty" Nadel

I suck my thumb. I’ve sucked it since I was a child. Yep my confession. I suck it mostly at night when I go to bed. Pathetic I know. Especially since I’m fully grown. When I was a child my babysitter put pepper on my thumb to stop me from sucking it. It didn’t work. 23 year old Corrine Hill put hot water on the child she was babysitting thumb in an attempt to stop the child from sucking the thumb. The child was burned. Sadly Burned Badly. If I was the mother of the thumb sucker I would have probably opened up a can of whip ass on Corrine Hill and I would want Judge Nadel to punish her. Still I think 4 years in prison is harsh. Especially when you consider that Judge Winkler lets drunk- driver- killers out in 2 years. Yeah I know Nadel said he’d consider letting her out in one year, since she's just given birth to- yikes another baby. I’m thinking out loud. Why not sentence her to 4 years of home incarceration? Parenting classes? Burn her thumbs? I like that one, burn her thumbs. Why not consider alternatives to prison? I know why not. Do you know why not? Judge Nasty Nadel does not like poor people who commit crimes. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Read the news article below. And below that read the Winkler drunk driver article. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090106/NEWS01/301060061


Anonymous said...

I think I'd have to agree with you - what is sitting in jail going to do for her, the abused child or society. Make them feel warm and fuzzy inside? I think society would be better served if she had an ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol and drug use in addition to her whereabouts, got her some education, got her a job, taught her how to be a mom, got her some therapy for why she's abusing children when in all likelihood, she was abused ... a help her become a good mom and a good citizen.

FBK said...

And when one considers the taxpayer money... 4 years in prison at about 25 grand per year (100,000) Whose going to take care of her children? The state? And more money to be spent. Then when she gets out she can't go back to her job as a daycare provider for the state. She'll need to find new employment and that is going to be impossible.

So if Judges and Prosecutors think long or outrageous sentences for those that can't be redeemed in their eyes...they need to reconsider.