Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Judge “Nasty” Nadel’s cruel and unusual punishment

This blog is solely dedicated to the wrongdoings of Joe-the-Prosecutor. But every now and again when I read a story about someone associated with Joe Deters, doing or saying something that tops the corrupt Joe Deters, I will spotlight that person. Today that person is Judge Nadel. In today’s (December 2, 2008) online paper of record (as SmitherMan says) was a story about a black father of 5 kids being ordered to stay away from his wife and children because he beat one of the children with a belt. The child didn’t die (In case anybody has forgotten Jodi Edward’s baby died) and the story didn’t state what the nature of the child’s injuries were. Now as punishment to the father Judge Nasty Nadel ordered the father to stay away from his family for 5 years. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. Certainly no one supports anyone who harms kids. But certainly Nadel’s sentence of the man was hypocritical in that he often (allegedly) shows disdain for absent black fathers, and especially absent black fathers who don’t discipline their kids. But this Father of 5, was raising his kids and he disciplined them. This case reminds me of back in slave times when I read about the “white master” separating the black father from the kids. For what it’s worth the black Dad, according to the paper had issues. The family had issues. Still separating a man from his kids solves nothing. Why not grant him supervised visitation rights? And how is Judge Nadel going to keep the man from his wife. Will the man be thrown in jail if he visits his wife? Shame on you Judge Nadel!


Anonymous said...

Bud, I've backed you pretty much to the "T" but, I think you're wrong here. This man beat a 23 month year old kid with a belt - a fucking belt! He and his complicit wife should be in jail for 5 years and the only visitation they should have is with a thick glass pane between them.
THis is not the poster child for racial inequities - every black and white parent should be calling for the most harsh punishment.
(Now, I do agree that the imprisonment of black men is akin to what slave masters used to do - but not in this case.)
Save the next black generation from those few disturbed parents who want to rob them of their futures through abuse and condemn them to repeat violent lives of their parents.
Move on...nothing to look at here.

FBK said...

In response to anonymous comment--I respect your opinion even though it's different from mine. The belt didn't leave bruises. I don't want to diminish the offense or support anyone who harms a child. Certainly the father should be punished. But Nadel is punishing this man because of his disdain for people on public assistance. I will update what I mean on this blog later...in the mean time check out other story of Kena Ross on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself and stop following behind Smitheramn he'll do nothing but lead you dummies into a river with no liferaft!

FBK said...

Are we following SmitherMan, or are we advocates for justice?

SmitherMan has amazing leadership qualities and I'm proud to be an EB member.

Whose the boss?