Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Joe Deters--You've Got Mail!

There it was in my mailbox. A handwritten envelope addressed to me with no return address. Right away I knew the envelope had something to do with Joe Deters. I knew it was hate mail. But I didn’t know if it was hate mail sent for me founder of Citizens Against Joe Deters, by a Joe Deter’s fan, or if it was hate mail against Joe Deters sent in support of CAJD. I rushed inside my house and opened the letter. Inside the envelope was a copy of an article written by that hate spewing reporter Kimball Perry at the Cincinnati Enqui-liar. In the article titled “Deters blasts officials on crime,“ There is no date on the article. In the article Perry interviews Deters. An exact quote from Deters in regards to young men of color, “If we could put (criminals) in a steel cage and let them shoot each other, that would be great.” In that same article it states that some Cincinnati Council members privately chastised Deters for shooting off his mouth (I’m paraphrasing). At the bottom of the article the sender wrote, "Joe Deters is bad news!" I couldn't agree more. There it was on my voicemail. A voicemail left for me from a lady stating that she didn’t know me, but that she knew someone who knew me, and they gave her my phone number. She sounded desperate and said something about she has more proof of Deters dirty court dealings. I’m looking forward to returning her call and getting the 411. Also, I’d like to recruit her for my Citizens Against Joe Deters army that I’m growing. Usually I get emails. I’m use to getting lot’s of emails in support of Citizens Against Joe Deters. People pour out there heart and soul to me as they tell me how they or someone in their family, has been royally screwed by Joe Deters. Citizens Against Joe Deters is working on a master plan to get Joe Deters to resign from his position as Joe-the-Prosecutor. (REST OF POST REMOVED)