Monday, December 15, 2008

George W. Bush in the Shoe-light

I wonder if George W. Bush has ever sat on his daddy’s knee and cried. Or whispered to Santa while sitting on his lap--help me. I look at him and he appears to be cocky, stupid, and silly. An unwanted toy. A while back I heard a cable news show host state that President Bush “gets it in his gut.” He gets politics in his gut. Some Americans that I know don’t believe the President gets anything, period. Let alone gets something in his gut. Whatever one believes President Bush does or does not get, mostly everyone I know got a good laugh at the President’s agility, as he was able to dodge the shoe hurled at him this past weekend. If the shoe hurlers back story is true, I empathize with the man. Still, I found it highly disrespectful to toss a show at the President of the United States. The cable news show host stated that President Bush gets it in his gut--politics. I don’t get George W. Bush. I don’t get many Re-thug-licans. (Not all Republicans are thugs.) But I get understanding something to a point where it’s in your gut. To understand something deep down in your gut means that you believe you are extremely versed on a subject. You whole-heartedly believe that you are right about something. It means that you believe you have your facts correct (somewhat), but not necessarily your logic. Essentially gut feelings are guesses. The War and the Blood Shed. Some will argue that the weapon/s of mass destruction was oil. I don’t know what was traveling through the President’s gut when he gave the order to invade Iraq. But what I do know is that no matter how cocky-stupid-looney-looney tune-agile that George W. Bush appears to be, his heart has got to bleed for the family members and loved ones of dead soldiers, and innocent civilians. His heart has to bleed for the people who have lost body parts, and their sanity while serving in the Iraq war. One can’t help but consider the sanity of the shoe hurling guy, tossing the shoe at the most powerful man, in one of the most powerful countries. No matter how disliked GWB is…he is still America's President. The War and the Money. Certainly not as important as lives lost, but how much has been spent on this war? My God is anyone still counting? I wouldn’t blame GWB jr. if he sat on Daddys or Santa’s knee and cried. I wouldn’t blame him one bit. I don’t think any American would blame him, if when he crawled into his perfectly made bed in the White House, under his 100% cotton-made in American comforter, and he wept for what he’s done to this country…and the shoe hurler. Merry Christmas George W. Bush


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