Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why is Deters trying to destroy the honorable Judge Tracie Hunter

Beloved Readers.

Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters along with that rag paper of record is out to destroy Dear and beloved Judge Tracie Hunter.  Their actions are shameful and it's time for an uprising.  We must continue to shine the spotlight on this case because our children are being affected.

Many of you are working behind the scenes, two very big thumbs up to Brother Cecil Thomas.  This blog has taken a few swipes at Dear Cecil when we didn't think he was stepping up to the plate, nevertheless he needs our full support.  He's got this one right.  Deters is using drug forfeited money that comes from our community and living the good life.  Indeed, he has donated some money to a few schools, but that money did not come from those districts.  Those communities aren't hurting.  Our community hurting.  Our beef isn't with those schools, but with that horrible man that hires hookers - Joe Deters.

We continue to stand with Judge Hunter and we all must be willing to go to jail if necessary. 

Thank you.