Friday, December 5, 2008

OJ's case Proves Criminal Justice System is Fair-- Joe Deters

Not! OJ Simpson is guilty. Damn he finally wrote a check that his black ass couldn’t cash. I feel sorry for OJ. What was he thinking?! And they got OJ on a technicality. He didn’t have the gun but he was with someone who did. I’m glad that when the judge sentenced him in Las Vegas she made it clear that her sentencing of the Juice had nothing to do with his past (lol). Actually her statement sounded true and sincere. It seemed clear in her sentencing of OJ, that she did not take into consideration that OJ was a two-timing, two-time murderer, of two white people. None of that mattered when she sentenced him to 100 years for an overblown robbery case, in which the Juice stated most sincerely, that he only wanted his precious memorabilia back. OJ’s words, “I thought I was confronting friends. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.” Yeah, right OJ. Look on the bright side or the brighter side, you're eligible for parole after 8 years, some who have been convicted of a crime similiar to your crime are doing 20 years flat. Still, they should have given you a jury of your peers. I wish Hamilton County Judges would not hold a person’s past against them when sentencing the convicted. WWJD. What Would Joe Deters do? Joe-the-Prosecutor. Joe the DemiGod. He would be holding a press conference right now in which he would take full credit for locking the Juice up. Generally, Joe-the-Prosecutor appears to be unhappy when Wealthy, Well-connected, White (OK he’s not white) people go to jail. Well Juice I guess it’s true what my pastor always says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” I can’t help but wonder what the late, GREAT, attorney Johnny Cochran would think about OJ finally going to jail. Johnny Cochran once said, “My goal in life is to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comforted.” Yeah…Johnny that’s my goal too. RIP.
RIP (Johnny, Nicole, and Ron)


Anonymous said...

In my heart, I just don't want to believe that OJ killed those people - it just doesn't seem possible. And, I must be a fool, because I actually fell for his sob story. Geez, times like this I pray there's a God to sort it all out. In the end, I think the punishment was a little harsh.

liberalsrcrap said...

OJ killed them. No doubt about. God made sure the criminal OJ got it in the end. I hope that lying killer dies behind bars.