Friday, December 19, 2008

Andrew Kennedy is Guilty!

Andrew Kennedy is Guilty... guilty….guilty….guilty. Of something. My guess is that he was at the bar catching up on old times with his University of Cincinnati buddies, throwing back some cold ones, and reminiscing. It got late. Everybody was drunk and decided to hail a cab. So Andy Kennedy and his buddies, about 12 of them, thought they could all pile in the cab. But the cab driver wasn’t having it. Hell- to- the- nah. The cab driver wasn’t in the mood to have a bunch of drunk sports guys riding shot gun-illegally in his car. He told them no. Andy and his buddies got mad and let the alcohol speak on their behalf. They called the cabbie some bad names, that they really didn’t mean. Or maybe they did mean it. They might have even took a swipe at the cabbie. Dumb drunk behavior. Remember this is just me thinking out loud. I do not know the facts of this case. Anyway, somehow the police are called and Andrew and company are arrested because they are guilty of something. They have to be guilty of something because I doubt if the police would arrest WWW guys (Wealthy, White, and Well-connected), in Joe Deters town. No way! Not in Joe Deters town. So Andy Kennedy, whom I hear is a pretty good guy, although he came to town and did a really dumb thing (Allegedly) , is not going to be convicted. Why? Because in Joe Deters’ town it is darn near impossible for WWW citizens to get convicted. Kennedy will get off. He’s hired Mike Allen, the former Prosecutor, to defend him in a Joe Deters’ town. Still Deters’ rival will win. And Kennedy will return to the town that supports him. Not guilty! But he is guilty. Of Something. Now Kennedy is suing the cabbie…because that’s what some WWWcitizens do. And why not? If they can afford it. Who can blame them for attempting to buy freedom and save their reputation? Who wouldn't want to save their ass and their job? So Kennedy will get off even though he's guilty of something--perhaps. Signing off.


Anonymous said...

The only thing on the side of truth and justice is the fact that Deters hates Allen and vice versa. Deters thinks he's better than Allen because Allen cheated on his wife. Allen thinks he's better than Deters because Deters cheated the citizens. I tend to agree with Allen.

FBK said...

According to my sources Deters also cheated on his wife. With that hooker in Cleveland and with his mother-in-law (allegedly). Now I can't confirm that he cheats with his mother-in-law (and I certainly don't want to hurt a family with such a rumor) But the folks that told me that story are credible folks.

But my sources on the Cleveland incident are extremely credible and have proof.

Yes Deters cheats the citizens!