Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top Prosecutor Wants 2nd Job

Joe Deters the Pay-to-Play politician wants a second job. Hasn't he done enough damage in his first job. Read the news story written by Enqui-liar reporter Kimball Perry. Below is a quote from the article... “Deters said he has contacted "four or five" local law firms to hire him to do non-criminal work that won't present a conflict of interest.” Questions: When has Joe Deters ever gave a rat's ass about conflict of interest? Isn't it best that "Criminal" criminal attorney (Joe-the-Prosecutor) stick to non-criminal work? Isn't Joe Deters finished in politics? Humbly, Citizens Against Joe Deters


Anonymous said...

If Deters would hire competent, qualified staff instead of political croonies due a payback for their campaign work - his office might have the qualifications to represent the county in complex civil litigation. Instead, all those working in the civil division of Deters' office are merely promoted for their work for the GOP.