Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bill Cunningham and Joe Deters-- BFF

Cincinnati’s Best-loved Republican clown Bill Cunningham and Hamilton County most hated Republican Prosecutor Joe Deters are BFF. (Best Friends Forever-- you may only get the joke if you're a teen and watch Hannah Montana) Two decades ago I actually listened to Bill Cunningham’s show every now and then. I don’t much remember what he talked about, but I remember him being funny, funny, funny. So funny that I use to patronize his sports- bar- restaurant, and eat hot wings, and hope that I’d run into the funny man. Two decades later I can’t imagine how anyone could listen to Cunningham’s radio show. He spews hate against every group of people (minorities, women, the disabled, the elderly, the poor) and he thinks it’s funny. Hate is not funny! More recently I heard Cincinnati best-loved Republican clown state that since Barack Obama is President elect there should never ever be another black man that underachieves. My question for Cunningham is this--What’s your excuse for underachieving? For purposely choosing to be an idiot? What may have started out as a radio shtick has become a venom on the airwaves. And what’s more disturbing is the company Cunningham keeps company with Joe-the-Prosecutor. I do not for a minute believe that some of Cunningham’s hatred of people who don’t look like him--wealthy, white, and well-connected (WWW) has not stuck to the membrane of Joe Deters. Clearly Deters works from those stereotypes when he convicts people of color in the media before they even go to trial. Joe Must Go! And take Bill Cunningham and his finger with you!


Anonymous said...

Bill Cunningham is a fat mouthed, ugly of a man puppet on a string. Hes says stupid, illiterate, non amusing comments, and he has skeletons in his closet as well. As a matter of fact hes in the closet. He and Joe. These are two of the most silliest idiots on the planet and the only one that doesnt realize it them!