Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HE MURDERED A KID...John Walsh's kid!

He murdered his kid. He decapitated him. Talk about missing child case becoming a worst case scenario. Some (or many) parents when they give birth to their child they hold them in their arms and they dream of what they will become, who they will marry, and what they will grow up to look like, and so many other things. When a parent goes to sleep at night, some pray that God will protect them and keep them. But really they are just going through the motion. They know bad things happen. But they don’t think it will happen to their kid. So their prayer, in a sense, is just like a touch base with God in case you need him, but you doubt that you do. John Walsh and his family needed God. God answered. God always answers. But his answer was no. No. God decided not to bring back the boy with the cute freckled face--alive. Still Walsh and family stood strong and out of a tragedy…something good came in the name of a show called America’s Most Wanted. John Walsh's answer from God might have been no. But others have gotten a yes from God- when those who have trespassed against them or their loved ones are brought to justice. And that killer Ottis Toole can now take his reserved space in the hottest part of Hell (along, with hopefully Joe Deters) Hell hath no fury like a parent whose child has been violated.