Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who will stop Persecutor Joe Deters?

Joe Deters and his boys continue to cause total destruction in the black community.

Who will stop him? Our petitions will stop Deters by getting him out of office.

"This blog exist to bring about the resignation of the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County.-- Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters. Most of the post here will keep the people informed as to what the miscreant Deters and others who seek the genocide of people of color, are up to.  Sincerely, Wrtiers of the Blog-CAJD

We do not blame Deters for the actions of our people. We blame Deters for throwing people of color too far under the bus, way further  than he throws other  groups of people.

Before we tell you how far under the bus, Deters has thrown black people this week, let us be clear that we DO NOT speak for anyone or any group. We love all races of people on this blog especially our diverse group of readers. We do not support crime. We support fair time.

We strongly believe that Persecutor Deters, and some in the Rethuglican party (not to be confused with the Republican party), have not worked for black people since we were fetus. Just say no to abortion and lol.

Rethuglicans set standards for themselves that they can never keep. Consider how many politicians that have had sex with hookers in cars in Cleveland.

A look at some of Deters most recent bad decisions. Businessman John Harmon was beaten by a group of thugs, in this case Sheriffs. Deters hires “taser lady” to announce that no charges will be filed.

Deters has taxpayer's money to burn re: Hunter vs. Williams

"America is the land of second chances." George Bush"

"Last time a Republican worked for anyone not in the top 1%, they were a fetus." unknown