Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday QUICKIE

In a recent census count it was revealed that the Cincinnati population has dropped and that people are leaving.  This town  is so bad (at times, not all ppl) that even the restaurants are leaving. Who else saw the restaurant floating down the river? 

Yesterday Deters was on WCPO channel 9.  He discussed crime in Cincinnati.  He stated that it disgusts him when he sees a young mother walking down the street with a baby in a stroller and she's pregnant again.  He said the murders in this town are black on black. Remember Deters comments from long ago when he said  that he wishes that he could put black men in a cage and let them shoot each other?  CAJD's has the newspaper article. Remember when he said that some parts of downtown Cincinnat are like Jurassic Park?  It's pretty sad that the Cheif Legal Representative of Hamilton County is a racist/sexist. 

It's pretty sad that he never talks about his boys up in Columbus, that went to jail for pay to play. He never talks about his fondness for hookers.  Yet, crime to him is the Big Black man. 

Go figure.

Quickie unedited post.


Cajd biggest fan said...

I heard they were tranny hookers