Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deters Tim Burke’s monster

Sometimes the community needs a pimp slap in the face to wake up and fight for justice. CAJDs first became aware of Tim Burke’s monster, Joe Deters, after he over prosecuted the  beloved son, made a back door deal and left out the front door.

Admittedly CAJDs son committed a terrible crime for which he is being punished. Our anger is because of his unfair sentence.

Moving beyond CAJDs  case to the havoc that Deters has ran on the citizens of Hamilton County.

His most recent atrocity is in regards to the John Harmon case. On Sunday Bishop Bobby Hilton of the Word of Deliverance Ministries and host of the very popular Bishop Bobby Hilton radio show which airs on 1230 AM WDBZ the Buzz,  held a community forum/live radio show to discuss the John Harmon case.

The community is outraged, and views Deters latest diss as the last pimp slap they are gonna take from Deters.

Community please keep checking this blog, spread the word about this blog, because we are going to keep you informed and let you know how we are organizing through our petitions and another upcoming protest to get Deters out of office.

So hold on Dear Readers, because we are about to go “Egypt” on Joe Deters. Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho --Joe Deters gotta go.