Monday, April 6, 2009

Open Letter to Joe Deters (sort of)

Study the protest picture closely Joe. Pay close attention to the sign that reads--Joe is a trick (sign at the bottom). That sign reveals some clues.
Dear Joe Smoe--
Is that sign the reason you threatened to sue CAJD. A lot of people in this town dislike you Joe. Attorney's-Reporters-Bloggers-Black people. But you've never threatened to sue any of them, have you?
You're angry at CAJD because we know. YOU KNOW THAT WE KNOW YOUR SECRETS. We think that you are a disgusting public servant. CAJD will not rest until you resign from the Prosecutor's office as Persecutor.
It's not personal Joe. Yes, you publicy lynched CAJD's beloved son. But there were many people involved in the case that we believed failed us, including the paid attorney. Still the more we researched you, the more we realized that you are not better than those you Persecute.
CAJD's son takes full responsibility for his actions. He's apologized and he will pay his debt to society, as he should. We've publicy stated that before and we will continue to state it as long as you make it the reason that CAJD's wants you out of office. That's not the main reason we want you out of office. We're sick of you making reckless comments, paling around with your BOY Jim, and publicly lynching people that aren't white, wealthy, and well-connected.
Stop calling black people animals, Joe. Stop stating that you wish you could put them in a cage and let them shoot themselves.
CAJD will never quit until you QUIT-RESIGN.
It's getting warm Joe Smoe. Are you in the mood for another protest?
When are you going back to Cleveland?
Humped any good hookers lately?