Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do clothes make the crook? For instance, Deters wears a suit (UPDATE)

Found this very interesting article on Black America Web.

Check it out here folks.


Why does Deters wield the death sentence like he wields his, oh never mind.  Deters you can't solve everything with an eye for an eye.  Execute justice, not people.

Mark Gerth should be punished severely, but leave death to God, Deters.


For over three years, and 418 post I've fed the simple minds of some readers (those with simple minds know who they are). The readership on this thing has exploded.  It's loaded.  Loaded with readers that despise Deters. Loaded with readers that like Deters.

Keep checking and spread the word.  When we hit 500 post. we are throwing a party.  82 more post to go and WE CAN DO IT.  YES, WE CAN!   We are built to last. 80 posts, no problem.