Thursday, April 9, 2009

Former Prosecutor Mike Allen looking good

I saw former Prosecutor Mike Allen today. I saw him at the United Dairy Farmers in Batavia. April 9, 9 am (ish). I shouted Mike Allen. He smiled warmly and said hello. He looked good. Nice suit. Hair trimmed and combed neatly. Dapper. CAJD likes Mike Allen. At least we like him way more than Joe Deeters. Allen made a mistake when he was the Prosecutor. But at least he confessed to his hump. Cincinnatian’s forgave him for his hump. Allen made a few reckless comments in his hey day or hump days. But he learned from his mistakes. He’s apologized to some and he moved on. He’s an attorney in that building. In the, building with the attorney’s-- some of whom dislike Doe Deters. The attorneys in that building know Deters dirty secrets. They know who Deeters’ humps. They know that Deeters is a bully and that he reads that book--The Art of War.
Deeters they know what you did last night.
Detters be sure your sins will find you out.