Monday, March 7, 2011

Alex Triantafilou (pronounced Trying-to-fool-you) UPDATE

RAUNCHY. SORRY. WE PROMISE TO POST BETTER IN THE NEAR FUTURE.Interesting comments left on the blog. Of course we aren't going to post them. Not that we don't post comments on this blog, we do, just not all comments.  However,  please allow us to respond to one "concerened" commenter who expressed concern  over  language used on this blog. First, we sincerely thank you for you concern.  However,  this blog does not exist to make people feel good or to represent what you believe would make MLK proud.  MLK might not have ever dropped the "Fuck" Bomb.  But we do know that he was human.  We do know that he did fuck. OK, I won't go there. This blog is therapy.   We're thankful that you are concerened over our use of the  F Bomb (as you call it, by the way that's hilarious), and we often, very OFTEN,  post material that uplifts and benefits the community on this blog,  But eeeery every once in a while, we have to go there.  Again, thank you for your comments. YOUR ADVICE IS WELL TAKEN.  And to the rest of you that posted, in all due respect, Kiss our behinds (sorry concerned black man, we are working through our issues and potty mouths.)

***"the last time a republican worked for me, I was a fetus."***
Alex Triantafilou (pronounced Trying-to-fool-you), is the Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican party. He is so ignant ignorant that we are putting him on watch. On his blog he blasted President Obama and State Representative Connie Pillich.

He blasted Obamacare, or as Bishop Bobby Hilton calls it Obamacares in every silly way imaginable. Now he wants folks to respect his punk ass and his punk ass blog. I don’t think so. He wants folks to respect and support SB5, again I don’t think so. He thinks we are going to sit back and watch him, and his boys-- Deters and Kasich privatize prisons, and cut anything that benefits our communities.  Repeat after me blog readers-- forget that.

In this upcoming election season CAJD’s is going to draw up a pledge for punk politicians. We will be checking their, “do you support black people” card at the door.

It's time to get real.

MLK said that moral people can break the laws, if they feel that the laws are unjust.  Consider when blacks had to sneak and learn to read, because the law said that they weren't allowed to read.   Rise up!

Unapologetically   liberal.