Friday, April 3, 2009

CAJD would like to check under Prosecutor Hutzel's dress

There aren’t many women that wear dresses that CAJD wants to check under. Hutzel wears a dress but she’s got a pair. CAJD often notices when people have a pair or lack a pair of cajones (courage).
Hutzel’s got a pair baby! She’s top HPIC (Head Prosecutor In Charge).
Recent cases that fell under her watch, prove that she is a tough, yet fair prosecutor. Quite the opposite of Joe the Prosecutor. Hutzel will prosecute and give a white suburban kid a felony in a New York minute. But she’ll also give a white suburban kid or black kid (young adult) a break if she feels it’s warranted. At the end of the day that’s all any person wants--is to be treated fairly. Yep, all who break the law should be brought to justice, but no one to deserves to be the victim of injustice. After all, how can Joe Deters be a fair prosecutor when he pals around with his boy Jim (from the racist online rag sheet the Whistleblower)? How many black young men have been over prosecuted, sentenced because Joe Deters appears to not like black people? Joe Deters does not like black people? CAJD will go on record and state that the record number of young, black men committing wild-wild west type crimes (including CAJD’s beloved son) is shameful. It’s painful that so many of our brethren have lost the audacity to hope. Still CAJD is not going to sit back and let a bigot and a crook hold the key to the gate of our court system, and over prosecute and over sentence our young men of color. Hutzel gets her man. She nailed Ryan Widmer’s behind. Widmer’s defense did such a good job, that it even raised doubts in the minds of CAJD members. However, obviously the job wasn’t good enough because Widmer is going to jail for at least 15 years. Which begs the question. How in the hell can a man convicted of murder, get less time than a bank robber? Different counties? Different Prosecutors? Still……..

Kudos to Hutzel--she got her man and she’s got a pair.