Friday, March 15, 2013

Why are local black council members so quick to stand with gay community?

For the record at this blog we absolutely think that the black community should stand with the gay community.  But we also think the gay community and Dems  must stand with us on issues of fairness in the criminal just-us system.  For instance, they could do more to support Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter against the vicious attacks from the local Hamilton County Republican party.

They could join us in our fight for fairness in the criminal justice system.  Search La Salle blog post on this blog or Cincinnati Black Blog.

We ask the readers of this blog to take notice during the upcoming election season - which Cincinnati City Council members (Black, White, other - are which ya, and which ones ain't).

Read about how blacks stands with white and gay council member here. Let us repeat, we are with Seelbach on this issue.