Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Judge Tracie Hunter RALLY April 19th 9 (UPDATE)

For immediate Release

Citizens against Joe Deters will attend rally to support Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter
Citizens against Joe Deters is a grass roots organization of citizens who are frustrated by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters double standard of justice and public insults against people of color and those who aren’t wealthy or well connected.
Our organization’s mission is simple—pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor.
CAJD will stands in support of Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter.

We support Judge Hunter as she fights to ensure that names or photos aren't released of minors. 

We support Hunter opposing the  routine practice of shackling youth which can cause physical, emotional and psychological harm and is, in most cases, unjustified.

We support Hunter who stood with the voters in Hamilton County after  there was an attempt to  suppress the votes.

While Judge Hunter continues to demonstrate that she is a good public servant she is constantly under attack and has been sued by the Hamilton County Prosecutor, the Hamilton County Commissioners and the Cincinnati Enquirer. The harassment and lawsuits affect the children.

CAJD’s  members will attend a protest organized by Cincinnati NAN Chapter and Lincoln Ware of 1230 am (The Buzz)  on April 19th  at 11:30 am at Hamilton County Juvenile Court 800 Broadway 45202

CAJD  is not affiliated with GCNAN, Lincoln Ware or 1230 am (The Buzz)

This blog will provide information to the community on the upcoming Cincinnati Council races, politics, criminal justices issues and other information that affects the African American community.

I'm not a journalist but I play one on this blog all in the name of activism.  Tired, and very tired - civil rights will wear you out.  Always got to fight.

We have to appreciate and give credit to the Cincinnati Black Blog which has been a go to source for the community for many, many years.  If we leave it up to mainstream media, there will be no coverage regarding this event.

Please join the rally protest and read about it here.