Monday, June 1, 2009

Wenstrup Won't Win

Wenstrup Won’t Win
Say this fast-- Wenstrup Won’t Win Wenstrup Won’t Win Wenstrup Won’t Win
A few days ago I heard Wenstrup speak. Wenstrup didn’t have the “wow” factor. His stump speech was just so-so. His reponses to questions from the audience seemed to come out of a playbook. Not a Republican, Democrat or other playbook. Instead it appeared to come from a tired politician’s playbook. The primary reason that Wenstrup won’t win is because he admits to being friends with Prosecutor Deters. Before some of you scoff at that statement, please consider that it was the Black vote that gave Mayor Mallory the slight edge over David Pepper? Prosecutor Deters has a bad relationship with many in the Black community. Wenstrup has just a few months, if that, to convince the black community to vote for him. I doubt that he’ll be able to do it. It appears he represents business as usual. Although he did mention in that he would like to help bring about prison reform. He stated that jails and prison should be more than warehouses. I believe that’s where he breaks from Joe Deters. I asked Wenstrup specifically that if it became necessary from him to denoucne Alex Triantafilou or Joe Deters, would he do it? His response was that he spoke for no one but himself. Not only did he not give me an answer to that question, he appeared to be annoyed that I asked that question. When I went up to him after the meeting, he appeared less snappy. I could see dragging my tired old feed to the good doctor and he would take good care of them. I just don’t see him being ready for prime time. (no editing on this blog)