Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We will Remember in November! (Cincinnati Council)

They’re not listening. Today I was at City Hall. My spiel went something like this: Greetings I’m here on behalf of Kevin Gandy. Kevin couldn’t be here today, because he’s DEAD. He was murdered on April 11, 2009. As a citizen (not speaking on behalf of anyone) of Cincinnati, I’m tired of the crime that goes on in Cincinnati. Who cares? What is City Council doing to help our communities citizens stop the murders? Stop the crime? Yep, we know it takes a village and we all must do our part to help eliminate crime in our communities.
It’s frustrating. It didn’t appear ALL of the Council members were listening. Oh well...We Will Remember in November.
Briefly, I spoke to Council member Thomas. I didn't agree with his response (totally), but I give him credit for at least engaging in dialogue with me.