Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Partiers and malcontent Peter Bronson gone wild!

A Few got the memo. Some brainwashed malcontents didnt. Wow CAJD troops attended the tea party. First, for some who may read this blog and don’t know who we are. Most of the “who we are” information is posted on the about me section of this blog. A quick answer to that question (FBK) formed CAJD, with the help of my cousin TNT. There is no membership. Most of the “official” members are family members and friends (most of whom we’ve met in the struggle) Our group is informal, really grass roots (funny how now everyone wants to be grass roots). Some people email us with information and that’s how they contribute to the group. We don’t ask people to sign CAJD membership cards. We don’t ask informants to protest. Some people wish to remain anonymous. That’s fine. Some CAJD troops don’t care if people know who they are. However, their work is behind the scenes. Some don’t protest because of work or school schedules. Some don’t publicly protest because they don’t want their actions to have a conflict of interest with their job. Personally for me FBK, protesting and blogging is a stress reliever. It’s an appropriate way to channel my frustration the Hamilton County Prosecutor and others.
When we got there, 5 of us, the tea party was already in full swing. Fountain square was packed. We made our way through the crowd with our signs and eventually linked up with the woman, Sis. June, from the last protest, and some others. We stood in our own little section off from the crowd and shouted Obama, Obama, Obama. Then the crowd shouted USA, USA, USA-- We joined them. After all we’re all Americans. As we chanted the media rushed upon us. This is what local columnist and bootleg blogger Peter Bronson refers to as stealing the Protestor’s “thunder”, or their time in the spotlight. The media asked our names and asked us why we were there. Around that same time I was engaged in a dialogue with a “cool” guy. He told me why he was there. I told him why I was there. We told the media that we weren’t beefing. As I was speaking with the “cool” guy and to the media, our little group and some tea protestors became engaged in some heated discussions. OK they were shouting at each other. I stopped talking to the media and got involved with one conversation between a tea protestor (who’d brought his daughter who appeared to be about 3 years old) and a guy I’d just met who offered to carry one of our signs. The guy. I’ll call him our guy, looked scruffy but he spoke kindly and seemed to be supportive of our purpose. The other guy (the one with his daughter). I’ll call him their guy, asked our guy why he was there. It was clear that he’d judged from the guy’s scruffy appearance that he thought the guy was clueless. I interfered to help the scruffy guy answer the question. I asked their guy why he was there and did his daughter know why she was there? The scruffy guy stopped me and assured me that he could speak for himself. He did so very well. In between that heated conversation, we had small little confrontations here and there, with people who yelled inappropriate remarks at us. Some in our party yelled back at the people who called us names like ACORN, etc. The tea partiers started marching to City Hall. I told our small group that we would start off with them, then do a u-turn to our cars. It didn’t work that way because one of CAJD troops loaned her phone to Sis. June so that she could call the Lincoln Ware 1230 am radio show. We ended up having to march to City Hall. That’s when all hell broke loose. Somehow I became separated from our group. A woman came up to me and waved her small flag in my face. The flag actually touched my face and a piece of the cloth entered my nose. I was angry that her flag went up mine so to speak, so I put my sign very close to her face. That's when some agitators started screaming that I hit the woman with my sign. They actually started chanting that I hit the woman with my sign. “She hit the woman, Acorn hit the woman.” I could not believe it. It appeared they were trying to set me up. Next thing I know two cops (Officer Lamb ps234 and Officer Bender p12.) are tapping me on the shoulder. They briefly detained and questioned me. They stated that they received several reports that I hit a lady with a sign. I was angry that I’d been set up. Oh, well I decided to pick my battles. After investigating the liar's claims the officers rightfully determined that a crime had not been committed. I was free to return to the protest. I took a pass and headed for my car. I knew better than to let that group cause me to catch a case in Joe Deters’ neck of the woods. Hell to the nah. I went home.
Martin Luther King and others who fought for OUR rights, I have a new appreciation for your struggles. Sure they didn't spray me with a hose, turn the dogs on me, or throw my black behind in Joe Deters' court than off to Si Leis' jail. Still SOME were nasty and racist and silly and mean and they were wearing red, white and blue. Shame on the nasty protestors. Kudos to the ones who protested peacefully.


Katrina Clement said...

I am sorry that you did not have a completely positive experience at the rally. I hope that you saw the rally for what it was supposed to be about - liberty and not a bunch of crazies pouting about the election. I was there and had a great experience. I only saw a few interactions with people with opposing views – but it did not look like it was getting out of hand. For the most part everyone seemed pretty respectful and orderly, but even the most well intentioned group has its bad apples. I am sorry that you ran into one.

I think that it’s great that you came down. I am in no way a supporter of Deters but I am also not a supporter of Obama (or Bush for that matter). It’s all about perspective – thanks for coming down and at least observing instead of making judgments about the group from in front of your computer screen like some bloggers will and have done.

FBK said...

Katrina Clement thank you for posting. That's what it's all about. Having an open dialogue. I wished you liked President Obama, but I respect that you don't. I'm estactic that you are no fan of Joe Deters.

Yeah anonymous bloggers can be awful. That's why CAJD no longer allows anonymous post to our blog. We've been called every bad name under the sun. It's clear that when people have to reveal their identity they consider what comments to make.

Thanks for posting.