Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pizza or Penis?

pizza or penis
When Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe "jokin"Deters put his penis inside that hooker, who was there to prosecute him? The cops in Cleveland busted him. But Joe wiggled his way out of it. Now Joe wants to go on TV and show that nasty refrigerator and fake outrage. Then he rolls out his HDIC, Mac Brown, to explain how his 1 dollar pizza and a 25 cent soda was stolen. We ALL know what that was about. Deters was aware that his insanity and racist tendencies would be called into question as it pertained to his status as the part-time Prosecutor, and full-time Persecutor--against people who aren't white, wealthy, and well-connected. People want to know why the chief legal representative of Hamilton County is wasting tax-payer dollars by holding ridiculous press conferences about people who steal 5 dollars worth of food. So he rolled out Mac Brown, the black fall guy, to take some heat off of himself.
I don't know about you'll but stealing a $1.00 pizza and a 25 cent soda is a lot less despicable than humping a hooker that you don't know. So what if you've humped her before. You don't know her. I can understanding having sex with your M-I-L, because you owe her. After all she hooked you up with your wife. But what does Joe owe the hooker? What do you owe the hooker Joe?
I realize that this post is a bit harsh. Reality is harsh. It's harsh that the chief legal representative from Hamilton County is a crook. Dirty Deters dishes it out and he should be able to take it. He uses some media outlets like Fox 19 (Regina Russo always gives Joe a hug when she sees him) and the Enqui-liar (reporter Sharon Coolidge) to publicly lynch black folks.
Deters my pastor always says be sure your sins will find you out. Be sure your sins will find you out.
Speaking truth to Power.