Monday, April 13, 2009

Always Trying to Keep a Felon Down (Casino Petitions)

The casino petition signature people are back. They are looking for petition circulators. They are paying about 1-2 bucks a signature for circulators to collect signatures. But there’s a catch--felons can’t collect signatures. It seems ridiculous that felons can vote in Ohio, but they can’t collect signatures for the proposed casino that might come to downtown Cincinnati. Exactly who are the casino petition people? CAJD does not know. We spoke to a guy from JSM, Inc. His phone # is 714.448.7000 or 714.448.7001. Hey, he told us to give his phone # out to all of our friends (blog readers that are not CAJD friends, please do not call the #). The guy was nice and professional and stated that he had nothing to do with felons not being allowed to collect the casino signatures. He sounded like he was telling the truth. CAJD thinks it’s ridiculous that felons get a life sentence. Yes! Not being able to get a job after you have paid your debt to society is a life sentence. Some Felons who can’t get jobs, more often than not return to crime, and end up with life sentences in prison. CAJD would like to make our position clear-- being anti-Prosecutor (or in Joe Deters’ case anti -Persecutor) does not make one pro-crime or pro-felon. Our group is smart enough to realize that felons aren’t going away. Keeping that in mind, once a felon, or any convicted person, has paid their debt to society, they must be allowed to move on with their life if they are capable of moving on (provided they don’t suffer from a mental illness or they are not struggling with a drug addiction). Move on with their life meaning get hired. Yes, the main purpose of this blog is to critically challenge the Hamilton County Persecutor to whom CAJD believes is unethical and corrupt. Still, when needed, this blog will address other issues/topics. CAJD believes felons should be allowed to circulate petitions and earn a wage. Albeit, small wage. If a casino is built in downtown Cincinnati, ex-offenders should be given construction jobs on the project. Ex- offenders should be given jobs inside the casino.
If you agree: Contact The Ohio Jobs and Growth Committee, led by former Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken. Contact Council member Jeff Berding. Contact Governor Ted Strickland.
Contact them and others. Tell them that felons and ex-offenders need jobs and that they should be allowed to circulate petitions.