Monday, April 20, 2009


Columbine and Grime’s Bar. In today’s paper of record there is a story about the Columbine shooting that took place nearly 10 years ago. CAJD was ready to jump all over that story if it was one of those sappy pieces that appeared to make white life more important than black life. Some reading this may not get that, but all people of color that read the Enquirer get my comments. The Enquirer usually flames the fire of hate by making all black people into “boogie men.” That’s why CAJD enjoys reading alternative news sources like the City Beat and Cincinnati Beacon. Those two news outlets write about “boogie men” in politics and elsewhere. They don’t care if the boogie man is black, white, brown, or yellow. They will expose you. Back to the story--what I came away with after reading the article which I had to skim due to time constraints. Is that after the Columbine tragedy occurred, things were put in place to ensure that bullying in schools stops. Glad to hear that. Now I thought about that story in relation to the recent news story in which 9 people were shot at a Grimes’s bar in Millvale (2 shot dead). I want to know what system will be put in place from our elected officials to see what we can do to stop the violence. It’s going to take a big group of people working on all fronts. The community must get involved. Elected officials, media outlets, etc. At the end of the day we all want the same thing, right? We want crime to stop. Recently a man gave me a slogan as it pertains to the upcoming November election in Cincinnati. The slogan, “We will Remember in November.” CAJD and other groups that I work with will remember the politicians that don’t seem to care about our black communities. We will also continue to work to take measures to get rid of the Part-time Prosecutor who Persecutes people over stolen pizza. Rushing through this post, off. Have a great day!