Friday, April 17, 2009

Stolen Pizza a Waste of Tax-payers dollars, racist Joe

I'm gon get you black people
What’s the part-time Prosecutor and full-time Persecutor up to now? He’s prosecuting low-wage earning employees for stealing lunch food out of the break room at the Prosecutor’s office (see story below from lying newsreporter) Now anybody that has ever had their lunch stolen or eaten, I have, understands why somebody would be angry with people who steal their food. Especially when you are hungry. In this case the victim HDIC - Head Detective In Charge- Detective Mac Brown loves his food. He really loves Popeye’s chicken. I know that Mac loves his chicken. He also loves to call heartbroken mothers up on the phone and do Joe’s dirty work. I guess that’s his job though. I go way back with Mac. Back in the day Mac was a good guy. The prosecution of the food thieves is going overboard. Why waste tax-payers dollars and prosecute these nincompoops? Just fire them and make them pay for the food. But then, perhaps, that would be too much like right. And besides Joe-the- Persecutor likes to make an example out of black people. He likes the spotlight. Just not on him. Not on his Dirty Deeds. Like humping. Hooker humpin’ Also, Sharon-the-mother Coolidge who reported this story is a damn liar. She wrote a story about my son and she misquoted me. At first she was a reporter who mistakenly misquoted me, but when she denied it to her boss Tom Calinan, and when Calinan screamed at me (Ma’am your son robbed a bank) she became a damn liar.
Sharon-the-mother Coolidge is a damn liar. Mac Brown loves some Popeye’s chicken (and I guess pizza too), and Joe-the-Persecutor humps hookers.

BTW I screamed back at Tom Calinan--WTF does that have do with the amount of Tea baggers in Cincinnati? WTF does a reporter lying on me have to do with my son robbing a bank? Here’s the thing, what Calinan was really saying was, you’re the mother of a black bank robber, I don’t care about you being misquoted. That’s what that fuck he was saying.