Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joe Deters hit on Shawn Hawkins is a no – go!

Once again the Hamilton County Prosecutor  sought to lynch a black man.  However, today  Governor John Kasich (Deters’ boy) commuted the death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Thank you Governor Kasich.  You are on the  wrong side of the track on many issues, but you got this one right.  You often make smart decisions as it pertains to the criminal “just-us” system. You pledged in one of your campaign debates to  tackle criminal justice – injustice. The Hawkins decision is a first step toward you keeping the deal.  Deters doesn’t keep deals.

Deters works with the paper of record to destroy the lives of black men.  At this blog we encourage young men of color, and all people,  to make smart choices and stay out of the criminal just-us system, but when they error we seek fair sentences.

Terrance Richard and Diamond Marteen did not deserve to die.  God knows who killed them.  At this blog we will not comment on rather we believe Hawkins is guilty or innocent, but we applaud the family for fighting for him.  If we don’t fight for our loved ones, who will?


kirk said...

Regardin the Shawn Hawkins Case, Governor Kasich should demand that Mr. Deters apologize to the Ohio Parole Board for the distasteful comments he made on their qualifications and "they are lay persons who are not qualified" after they decided 7-0 in favor of clemency for Shawn. Deters also said he wants to change the way the members are appointed to the board. When did the board become so incompetent? Maybe when they ruled against Deters?

CAJD said...

Right on Kirk