Monday, May 23, 2011

Chris Bortz is better than Joe Deters (Bortz agrees to lie detector test)

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Councilman Bortz agrees to lie detector test

On Monday Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz was a guest on Lincoln Ware’s radio show that airs on WDBZ 1230 am in Cincinnati.

Bortz appeared on the show to answer accusations that he called Alice Folson and Shawn Allen,  sanitation workers, the “N” word and threatened to shoot Allen.
In a calm speaking voice Bortz denied that he called the workers names or that he was upset.
“I did not call the sanitation workers the “N” word, and I have never used that word in my life.”
Bortz denial is a contradiction to another published report in which he admitted to yelling at the workers and being upset.
Ware and a NAACP member asked Bortz if he’d be willing to take a lie detector test.  Bortz said yes.
Wares mostly African American callers were split pretty evenly as to if they believed Bortz hurled the racial slur.
One caller who identified herself as ‘Bortz’s Black housekeeper’ called in support of Bortz. She said no one in Bortz’s  household is racist and that Bortz’s  Dad often kisses her in the mouth.
Christopher Smitherman, president of the NAACP and Dock Foster, president of the Baptist Ministers Conference has called for Bortz’s resignation.
A date was not announced as to when Bortz would take the lie detector test.

At least Bortz  appeared on black radio to answer the allegations.  Deters won't go on Ware.  Punk.

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Did Councilman Chris Bortz use the "N" word?


Anonymous said...

How many of Bortz's kids are in jail for bank robbery?

CAJD said...

Joe, Bortz kid may not be in jail for bank robbery, nor does he pay for sex. Your name is in the long list of unelected officials that pay for sex.