Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joe's BOY Jim

Joe’s boy Jim
Is a big ole’ freak. Last week on there was a really sad story about a high school senior who sent nude pictures to her boyfriend via her cell phone (sexting). Some how the picture got sent around, and people begin giving her a hard time and calling her nasty names. Apparently the ridicule became so overwhelming and the young woman ended up hanging herself in her bedroom. She was later found by her mother. In the March 26, 2009 (Thursday) edition of Jim’s rag sheet The Whistleblower. Jim, Joe’s boy, writes this in reference to the story--
“Yesterday, everybody was talking about how our good friend Bobby Leach was outraged because all those over-sexed teenagers were “sexting” nude pictures to each other on their cell phones. So do you know what would really make Bobby mad? All of you horny high schoolers out there should “sext” your best beaver shots to The Blower, and we’ll publish them online. Better yet, if you guys have some erotic images of your moms, you could “sext” them along, too— especially if they’re MILFs. Because let’s face it, porn is…”
What person in their right freakin’ mind would even joke about the above mentioned?
Joe’s boy Jim appears to be a sick-o. Jim’s boy Joe Smoe-the-Prosecutor must go!