Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? Take the Deters Quiz!

You decide. See below best of Joe Deters' quotes. Take the quiz. Which quotes are real and which quotes are false. Answers after the quiz.

“This is off the charts weird…like really weird. He‘s a pig” Referring to Morgue worker in Cincinnati who admitted to having sex with the corpse in the morgue. “If we could put (criminals) in a steel cage and let them shoot each other, that would be great,” From article ‘Deters blast officials on crime.’ “My M-I-L is a better hump than my wife.” From the movie The Graduate. "Deters said his office would seek the death penalty in the deaths of Esme Kenney and Sharee Crawford. He called Kirkland an animal and said he needed to be killed. He said he would not accept any sort of deal where Kirkland could escape death in exchange for possible information on possibly more bodies. “These are innocent – innocent – victims being hunted down by a predatory animal,” Deters said. The deaths aren’t the first time Kirkland has been accused of killing someone." Referring to Anthony Kirkland the human being who committed heinous, heinous acts. Will Deters reckless comments taint the jury poll? Will Kirkland walk free? “You my Boy Jim. I’m your Boy. I love when you joke with me about assassinating President Barack Obama.” “I love when you tell hooker jokes. I love hookers.” Deters speaking with his BFF Jim Schifrin (of the racist low rate tip sheet the Whistleblower) “No I didn’t test her for drugs. It wasn’t my duty to test her. Under the law I have nothing to charge her with.” Deters phone in interview on the Lincoln Ware show, referring to baby forgetter-killer Jodi Edwards. “Sure the cops busted me in the back seat of a car in Cleveland humping a hooker. So what, I like whores.” Joe Deters comments to a colleague that questioned him about being caught in the back seat of a car in Cleveland, having sex with a prostitute. “Those babies deserve a home. I would hope their gifts don’t go to waste. I don’t want to see a mother go to jail.” Referring to Victoria Lasita mother of two sets of triplets, with triple sex drive, accused of writing bad checks. And there were accusations made against her that she set her house on fire.

"Amy Baker, yeah I cut a deal with her. Usually I prefer wealthy, well-connected, white people... but Baker...she's white trash like me. Give me a white trash woman over a black ghetto woman anyday."

Referring to Amy "threesome" Baker who helped her lovers chain bless-his-heart Marcus Fiesel in a closet where he pee pee’d and defecated on himself.

"Hell nah I didn't visit bless-her-heart Sharee Crawford's family or Bless-her-heart Mary Joe Newton's family. I don't visit the ghetto or the trailer park. Every since I left my own trailer park...I ain't never won't to see a trailor hear me."

Deters on why he only visited bless-her-heart Esme Kenny's family. “I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” Referring to CAJD beloved son.

Congratulations. You are definitely smarter than Joe the Persecutor. All of your answers are correct.