Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why did Joe Deters cut a deal with Amy Baker for Marcus Fiesel's ashes?

Let CAJD be clear. We don't think Deters should cut a deal with Kirkland. Still it amazes us how easily the whore humping, grab a GOP white man by the balls and force him to pay-to-play persecutor can so easily switch hats. One minute he’s a conservative-evangelical blow hard that is pro life. Then he goes to the Macbeth fountain and washes the blood of baby Jenna Edwards off his hands. Afterwards he refuses to charge Jodi Edwards for leaving babyJenna in the hot mini van to bake. When Dr. Odell stuck a thermometer up baby Jenna’s behind, the temperature soared way past 100 degrees. Before that case Deters went in a back room and cut a deal with Amy “threesome” Baker. Tell me where little Marcus ashes were dumped and I'll give you immunity poor white trash. CAJD can imagine Deters stating the aformentioned and also this “Baker I don’t usually give your type Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Cards, I prefer to give cards to white, wealthy and well-connected--but consider today, your lucky day.” RECKLESS COMMENTS NOT NEEDED FOR HEINOUS ACT "Deters said his office would seek the death penalty in the deaths of Esme Kenney and Sharee Crawford.He called Kirkland an animal and said he needed to be killed. He said he would not accept any sort of deal where Kirkland could escape death in exchange for possible information on possibly more bodies.“These are innocent – innocent – victims being hunted down by a predatory animal,” Deters said.The deaths aren’t the first time Kirkland has been accused of killing someone." READ THE STORY http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090317/NEWS0107/303170030 RIP Sharee Crawford Esme Kenny. Jenna Edwards Marcus Fiesel. Deters will reap the hate he sows.