Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Perfect Man!

A Perfect Man.

OK the reality is there is no such person. There are plenty of imperfect people and plenty of people who come close to being perfect—but no such thing as a perfect person.

The sad reality is that I spend a lot of time on this blog being critical of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Occasionally, my posts are mean-spirited, yet true. I justify my post as being cheap therapy. Traditional therapy didn’t work for me.

Two years and 280 post later. I am mostly happy with the information that I have brought forth to the community. All of the post have not been about Joe Deters. The post about Deters have been to expose his hate crimes against the community. As my beloved "Grandmabea" would say, "two wrongs (person commits a crime), don’t make a right (person is over prosecuted, sentenced, not given proper representation)."

Back to the original purpose of this post which is to give praise to an awesome person. Attorney David Singleton (OJPC). I admire Singleton because he works tirelessly to reform the criminal justice system. He’s not pro criminal. He’s pro solution. If a person steals a piece of bread from Kroger and store security observes them, attempts to stop them, and the person fights with clerk, and injures clerk--that’s robbery. The said person is then charged and convicted, and  goes to prison for say five years. They get out, they’ve paid their debt to society, but society won’t accept that payment. That’s wrong. In not allowing that person to become a productive citizens (get a job, take care of family, etc), everyone suffers.

So Singleton works for this person—and that makes Singleton close to perfect.

(running out of time end this post for now—more follow-up later.)