Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Strutz conviction won't go on Deters semen stained resume

update: still working on hamilton county commssioner post (public defenders fund-update soon)

Will Death Penalty Deters go “soft” on accused “saw” killer Strutz?

Who will ever forget how the most dangerous part-time prosecutor, full-time persecutor, in the history of Hamilton County crawled with tail between legs, from the cushy law office of Stan Chesley, from the moistness of the hooker in Cleveland’s labia minora to publicly lynch Anthony Kirkland. Kirkland, a mentally ill black man, was convicted of several heinous murders for which he should never see the light of day. On paper, Deters’ cum stained national resume might indicate a win for the prosecution of Kirkland. However, many of us locals that have fallen victim to a public lynching by Deters, despise his grandstanding and see Kirkland’s conviction as no more than a hate crime.

Why is it that Deters can always create a whacked excuse to explain why he dishes out a double-standard prosecution for black folks?

Deters freely gives out-- Get Out Of Jail Free Cards to wealthy and well-connected white people.

Deters gave Jodi Edwards an upper middle-class white female a GOOJFC after she left her baby in a sweltering hot van. The baby, Jenna Edwards, baked to death. Deters lied when he was later interviewed on 1230 am WDBZ (AKA Cincinnati’s black radio). He claimed that he could not find anything in the law that warrants him charging Edwards for child endangerment and neglect. There was no mention of charging her with murder. Not charging Edwards, disturbed many in the community because when coroner Dr. O’Dell, stuck a thermometer up baby Jenna’s butt, it soared well past 100 degrees. Frustrated callers, expressed their outrage to Deters for not charging Edwards.

The Hamilton County just-us center groans from the weight of black mothers who have left their child unattended in a vehicle. The child is usually not harmed, yet these mothers are arrested and immediately jailed.

Deters engagement in Economic Apartheid

“One such way is through Local Hiring, yet county leadership point to a memo from Prosecutor Joe Deters office, which argues that counties may not require participation of local workers on public works projects.”

Deters engagement Voter Suppression/Intimidation

Is Deters guilty of Excuse Abuse in accused Strutz’ case

Here’s what Kristan Strutz’s grieving family was told regarding why John Strutz’ could not be charged with the death penalty after he chopped up her body, than piece portioned it out in garbage bags, while their children were at home.

“...due to certain circumstances, he can't face the death penalty.”

What circumstances Deters. You are lying and you know it!

Deters is an un-convicted felon who often tramples the constitution to step on black folks necks.