Friday, February 26, 2010

Deters rears his ugly head for black man’s lynching

Here ye! Here ye! Here ye!

Once again the part-time prosecutor and full time black people’s persecutor has reared his ugly head for the black man’s lynching. Death Penalty Deters plans to lynch Anthony Kirkland for the murder of Esme Kenney. Indeed Kirkland is accused of killing Casonya “Sharee” Crawford. Mary Jo Newton and Kimya Rolinson. However, those murders are not the reason that Deters is out on his high horse with rope in his white, wealthy, and well-connected hand. Deters mourns not for little black ghetto Sharee. No tears for white trash Mary Jo. No compassion for dead Kimya Rolinson. Little Esme, little jogger, little white SPCA student, little picture-perfect girl, may you R.I.P in peace. Deters mourns for you. He visited your family after Kirkland murdered you. But he didn’t visit the other murder victim’s families—and yes we know why. Deters may not shed tears for them, but we do. We shed tears for all of you, and especially you little Esme. Because had Kirkland not caught you in the park and choked you, and burned you, and stolen your watch—there murders would be unsolved. Thank you little Esme. Join hands in heaven with Sharee, and Mary Jo, and Kimya.

Deters seems to only rear his head when it's time for public lynchings.

Prayer for Deters.

Pray for me.

Pray for justice.

Pray for Andrew

CAJD will pray for your families. May they be comforted in their time of need.